A lawyer’s purpose

Lawyers are professionals of law and justice. For all times, they have been defending your freedoms and your interests.

Their purpose is to advise, assist and defend individuals and companies, with regard to both private or professional legal questions (see articles 1.1 and 1.2 Code of Ethics Avocats.be, 26 Codex 439 to 446quinquies Judicial Code).


You can call upon a lawyer to assist you at all stages of a negotiation, mediation, collaborative law procedure, judiciary process, arbitration or any other kind of dispute resolution means.

The lawyer seeks a solution to every conflict.

Thus, your lawyer may suggest to you some Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) means with a view to avoiding court proceedings.


And so much more...

A lawyer may execute court decisions, for example as a bankruptcy trustee, a debt administrator or mediator, or act in other roles such as the trustee of an association of co-owners, the extra-judicial representative of persons under guardianship, etc.

A lawyer can also be detached into companies for specific missions. In such a situation, he exercises his profession within the companies’ facilities and acts solely as its legal adviser.