Become a lawyer

University education and training

Those seeking to enter the legal profession must hold a doctorate or degree in law (or equivalent within the European Union), obtained upon successfully completing five years of university studies.


Taking the oath

A budding lawyer, put forward by a lawyer who has been included on the register for at least 5 years, takes the oath required by law at an appeal court. He/she is then registered on the list of trainees, unless a substantiated refusal is issued by the Bar of lawyers.


The trainee

Te trainee lawyer must undergo practical training for three years with a training manager. Specifically, the trainee must attend his employer's law firm, co-operate with them, attend hearings at courts and tribunals, take on the defence of persons whose interests are entrusted to him by the legal aid bureau, take part in certain front-line duties and obtain a certificate of aptitude for the profession of lawyer (C.A.P.A.) after attending courses and passing examinations organised by the Centre for Professional Training of the Bars of Liège, Verviers, Huy and Eupen.

The conditions subject to which training takes place are set out in a ''trainee's contract'', including the various minimum requirements laid down by the Bar, particularly in respect of fees.

Specimen documents are available from the secretary of the President of the Bar, Palais de Justice, Place Saint-Lambert, 4000 Liège.

By clicking here, you will access a specimen form which you can fill in if you're looking for a training employer: it will automatically be passed to the Employers' and Training Committee of the Bar of Liège-Huy.

Should you wish to add a C.V. and supporting letter, send an e-mail to Click here to show mail address as well.

Your application as a trainee will then be distributed over the extranet of the Bar of Liège-Huy, which can be accesssd by Liège lawyers.

Internship offers






Some law firm might be seeking a trainee, but without their requirement appearing here above. Others might omit to consult the offers available on the extranet. It is therefore advisable to send an application letter and C.V. to those law firms that arouse your interest.

For further information and advice about trainee positions, the Employers' and Training Committee is at your service: Click here to show mail address.